About Us

About us

Founded and spearheaded by social entrepreneur and specialist in hard-to-reach youngsters, Claudine Duberry,Taking Positive Steps and Associates is comprised of a team of versatile professionals offering a full suite of services to ensure eased transition:

  • Trained Social Workers
  • Finance and Business Managers
  • Foster Carer
  • Outreach Support Mentors
  • Child and Adult Health Specialists
  • Guns and Gangs Specialists
  • Business Administrators
  • Young People Skills, and Development Managers and Trainers
  • Benefit and Employment Workers
  • Practitioners specialising in Western Herbal Medicine

There is an on-call duty system in place, to respond to the needs of the young people placed with us, as well as Local Authority Social Workers and Placement Teams.

We are committed to providing and developing high-level services that address the needs of socially excluded young people, and those in the criminal justice system. These high standards will be achieved through our organisational processes, the delivery of quality services to the young people we work with, commissioning local authorities and our dedicated staff.

The philosophy of Taking Positive Steps is to respect all via the celebration of diversity, promoting and ensuring equal opportunities in all our operations; all of which are prerequisites for a framework that can safeguard the welfare and positive development of young people, helping them to achieve a sustainable, healthy life.

We aim to ensure that the welfare needs of all the young people who receive a service from us remain paramount at all times, with particular attention paid to the child’s religion and ethnicity and overall wellbeing.

We aim to ensure that the physical, emotional and health needs of all service users is met in order to promote a positive, rewarding experiences of transition from social exclusion to total inclusion.

Taking Positive Steps will provide all young people in their service with round-the-clock support, from a suitably qualified staff member, as well as outreach workers for task-centred work. Further to our service user commitment, Taking Positive Steps will provide local authorities with a high-quality service that exceeds the National Minimum Standards in relation to improved outcomes for ‘looked after’ children, of which a portion of our service users will be. Our service will justify the phrase ‘invest today and save tomorrow’.