Service Provision

Service Provision

Taking Positive Steps and Associates sees itself as a partner of a wider network which includes foster carers, childcare providers and Local Authorities, as well as children and young people. Our processes and procedures are designed to be fair, efficient and in line with regulations and best practice guidelines, which incorporates the interests of all.

We offer a variety of placements for young people, who for a number of reasons are unable to live at home with their families. We aim to offer a flexible service in order to meet the assessed needs of the young person and the placing authority, in order to fulfil the individual young person’s resettlement plan.

Our team are highly trained, many with a wealth of experience enabling them to meet the needs of young people with challenging behaviours.

The different services we offer include:

  • Short-term bridging placements
  • Planned long-term placements
  • Remand placements

Particularly in the current political and economic climate, it is imperative that we deliver value for money. We rigorously demonstrate this approach throughout our departments but without compromising the needs of the young people who are entrusted to our care

Risk assessments and management

We are aware that our residential service provision may bring us into contact with various young people who may pose a certain risk to themselves and others. Therefore, these projects will constantly undergo risk assessments which will be inclusive of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Matching and compatibility of service users
  • Violence between young people and rivalry
  • Knives
  • Staff absences
  • Ill-equipped staff
  • Empty house
  • Safeguarding of all

Further to those risk assessments, we will take into account the following:

Service Provision