Professional Training

Taking Positive Steps is working in partnership with Dr. Jackie Jeffrey of Middlesex University to provide training courses for professionals. We also provide training on the incidence and impact of crime for young people and their caregivers.

Guns, gangs and the implication for social workers and social care professionals

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Working and engaging positively with hard to reach children and young people

Whether you are an experienced social worker or a newly qualified social worker, it is equally as important to be ready for the challenges, and to be ready to gain the respect of the child (not the victim or the perpetrator), as it is important to remember that the child is the first priority and then the victim or perpetrator. Taking Positive Steps provide training to put some of the missing fundamentals into place when it comes to working and engaging with children and young people involved in, or at risk of being involved in, gangs. (Download course outline, PDF 61kB)

Foster care and young people on remand

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Courses for schools

Consequential Thinking

Our consequential thinking, mindset and appropriate behaviour training is an essential element to the curriculum and helps to address some of the concerns raised by the Mayor of London. (Download course outline, PDF 58kB)

Courses for parents and foster carers

Whose child is it anyway? – parenting with purpose

In order to encourage parents to carry out their role of a parenting with responsibility and integrity it is necessary to support and encourage parents to nurture support, socialise and encourage and impact on the mindsets of their children. (Download course outline, PDF 58kB)

We provide ‘A team around the child and family’ by offering the following training and support:
  • Family mediation and parenting support groups
  • Dead with street cred or Not
  • Support and resettlement of young offenders
  • Support of females subjected to gang and or domestic violence
  • Parenting in the 21st century
  • Individual mentoring for young people
  • Training in Schools
Mentoring: reaching at risk youth

(Download course outline, PDF 60kB)

Unlawful Group Association: Gang Culture and Gang Awareness Training

(Download course outline, PDF 58kB)

Mini Medics: First Aid for Children

(Download course outline, PDF 187kB)