Our Vision

Eagle in flight

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope” – George Washington Carver

The mission of our ‘Guns, gangs and young offenders’ resettlement initiative, is to end gang violence in our communities, thus creating stability in our neighbourhoods. Taking Positive Steps will be a catalyst that fosters safer communities, by working in a conscientious manner with disaffected young people, their parents and our partner agencies.

At Taking Positive Steps, we recognise that children and young people involved in anti-social behaviour can often be hard to reach and engage.   This disconcerting behaviour, is often attributed to stress, anger, frustration, rejection and or peer pressure.  Nevertheless, we are of the view that positive change amongst this youth group can be obtained with positive collaboration, and input from a team around the child professionals.

Furthermore, it is paramount that we acknowledge the strengths in every family. Thus, we will aim to reconnect those young people who have become disengaged, to their families, in order to strengthen the resettlement process.