Why TPS?

Ask the Experts

Taking Positive Steps and Associates is made up of passionate, dedicated professionals who have a wealth of experience of working with excluded young people and young people in the criminal justice system. 

Dedicated CEO and staff team

The team at Taking Positive Steps is led by Claudine Duberry and committed to providing a tailored resettlement service to young people who are ostracised and excluded from society, as well as training and support to professionals and families. Taking Positive Steps has a track record spanning over a decade for working with the target client group which includes:

  • Collaboration with Metropolitan Police (Hackney) to set up the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) which was a recommendation of the 1999 Macpherson Report.
  • Chairing the Independent Advisory Group for 4 years.
  • During the longest arm siege (15 days) Claudine was very influential in the community and was later awarded a commendation by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens.
  • Claudine orchestrated the retrieval of a firearm and live bullets from the streets, for which she received a commendation for services to the community.
  • Claudine’s role of remand social worker brought her into contact with gangs and young people with mental health issues, which further fuels her passion for children and young people and the services they receive.
  • Further to this the team have experience of working in the National Health Service with the young and their families.
  • The founding member has been privileged to have accessed the custodial system for young people, both in Jamaica and St Lucia where youth crime is proliferating and has done some extensive work alongside these countries in their attempts to address their growing issues with youth crime.


Holistic approach to service provision

Taking Positive Steps believes in a collaborative approach which takes into account the needs of the young people in all aspects of their life and wellbeing.

    • Our experienced team is made up of very diverse knowledge and skills, which can be seen in our individual profiles.
    • We encourage family support and communication where possible.
    • We support all young people to access external services, in order to facilitate a successful resettlement process.
    • Our success is measured on achieving stability and improvements in the lives of those young people who use our services.

    These principles lean on the government’s ‘Every Child Matters’ initiative to ensure children and young people get the very best outcome in their transition from childhood to adulthood.