The TPS team have chosen some very specific videos to place on this site, as well as teaching materials.

The Honey Trap Killing

The Honey Trap Killing (My Murder) is a personal one for Claudine as she spent many months working with the victim before he was killed. His story highlights the fact that young people can change their lives. However, after being present on the streets for an extended period, it is hard for them to leave the streets and for the streets to leave them.

So Real It Hurts

The undertaker aims to remove the bravado of gang life by showing young people the rippling effect of their actions and the impact on their families, friends and the community.

Teen Gangs

Teen Gangs is a video that Taking Positive Steps use as a teaching tool when delivering their ‘Consequential Thinking’ workshops children and young people aged 8 – 15 years old.