We can do it together

In the age of technology, everyone is too busy to lend a hand, or stop and have consideration for their fellow human being.  No one meets up anymore, and everything is done via some form of technology whether it be facebook, whatsapp or any other social media.  This is a shame, because as technology replaces social interaction, we are failing to see the division which is happening in our communities.  Social exclusion, the failure of the education system. poverty and even a division in the family.  Many would say that theses occurrences are the brainchild of failed government policies or lack there of government policies.

The rise of poverty, crime, addiction amongst others ill’s have hit many community, and often many are left without a voice or an ear. Children and young people feel let down by the systems which keep them in bondage. Together we can Face, Poverty, exclusion and the disillusions which has lead to gangs, violence and broken families. In this era No one should ever have to overcome these situations alone, because we are a family, we are a village. No longer can we sit on the sidelines and let others worry about changing the systems which has brought us here. We are Taking Positive Steps in addressing the above issues. We are all called to help build a national campaign that will forever change how we work, live and support each other. Together, we can save lives – right now.

Written by
Claudine Duberry