We work to support children and young people settle when they are away from home so that they can look forward to the future.


Being away from home in foster care or the secure estate can be very daunting for children and young people. Taking Positive Steps works with foster carers to provide the best care and support, for children and young people looked after, or living away from home, by providing training and mentoring.

Remand Placements

Taking Positive Steps are happy to provide support and mentoring to young people who have been remanded and committed to Local Authority accommodation under s23 of the Children and Young Person Act 1969. These placements will usually be short term and require the care givers work closely with education and youth justice/offending teams to gain the best outcome for the child/young person whilst in placement.

Planned Placements

The Taking Positive Steps team are happy to work with the local authority placement team, as well as foster care agencies in order to support a child/young person in a planned placement away from home and their immediate community. Providing support of a placement away from home can be very be beneficial for the young person and caregiver. We work to reduce young people going missing and the breakdown of placements.

If you’d like to know more about any of these types of placements, or you need a specific type of placement/packaged service which isn’t mentioned here, please contact us and we’ll do all we can to help.

Matching children and young people

At Taking Positive Steps, we understand the importance of carefully matching all placement referrals for young people away from home. We work closely and in partnership with the referring Local Authority to ensure that the proposed placement supports the following:

  • Be able to meet the young person’s physical, educational, emotional, health, cultural, and religious needs
  • Will not disrupt any young person already in a placement
  • Will bring no substantial risk to any member of our unit or household
  • Will not be harmful to any young person or carer


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