Young Persons Consultation Service

We provide a consultation service for young people who experience personal or emotional difficulties or dilemmas and would like to talk to somebody about them. These difficulties may be in relationships with family, friends or partners, or you may have difficulties at school, college or work. You could experience them as low mood, anxiety, peer pressure or in other ways.
Sometimes the feelings, thoughts and experiences that bother us most are those we can’t discuss with people close to us like friends or relatives.

We offer four 1-hour free and confidential consultation sessions to young people. These sessions are about you and steered by you. Your support mentor will be here just to listen and explore ways of dealing with the given challenges.

Parenting Support Services

In the present climate parenting can often feel overwhelming. While there are many books available on the subject of parenting, many parents don’t have time to read a book much less learn how to apply new techniques while in the thick of it! At any time, the stresses of parenting can get the best of anyone. Taking Positive Steps offer parenting support through private coaching and consultation.

We offer parenting coaching consultations, which are private sessions in which parents come to our office, or speak with us by phone or video conference, to discuss and learn how to deal with their particular challenges of parenthood and in turn receive very specific guidance.

We believe in empowering parents in a positive and encouraging way to see this job of parenting as purposeful and to embrace it with greater consciousness e.g parenting with purpose. We work with parents nationwide. We have been providing parenting support, workshops and private consultation since 2010. We provide consultation and support around the following: education and school challenges (exclusions, PRU and isolation