Guns, Gangs and the Implication for Social Workers

Recognising the importance of people, understanding the challenges that many young people face, Claudine has produced a valuable book that provides important insights into a range of issues, including the causes and consequences of young people’s involvement in gangs, and how parents, carers and professionals – primarily social workers – can best respond to the challenges raised by young people’s gang involvement.

From The Streets To Scotland Yard

Que recounts the events of his life which led to him being shot on his 19th birthday and witnessing first-hand, the birth of the so-called “postcode wars”. He lived the kind of life only afforded by celebrities and faced the lonely road of those leaving the streets behind for good.

The Duberry Report

For many years, we have struggled to reach a universal definition for the term ‘gang. Due to the ambiguity of its meaning, gangs have been defined as a group of three or more people in hoodies; groups of young people ‘hanging about’ their local estate until late hours of the night; or, more recently, groups of people who join to commit criminal offences.

Reader Reviews

This book is an insightful, thought-provoking journey into gang violence and its attraction to disenfranchised vulnerable young people.

This book is not just for social workers. It has a wealth of information for anyone who has any involvement with young people.

The book is very educational and informative. I believe everyone that works with young people, can learn a lot from the words and passion that have been produced within this book.