Professional Training

Our training enables cross-sector professionals to better support young people at risk of being excluded from mainstream education, involved in unlawful group association or in the youth justice system.

Working with Young People

Whether you are an experienced social worker or a newly qualified social worker, it is equally as important to be ready for the challenges and to be prepared to gain the respect of the child (not the victim or the perpetrator) as it is essential to remember that the child is the priority and then the victim or perpetrator. Taking Positive Steps provides training to put some of the missing fundamentals into place when it comes to working and engaging with children and young people involved in, or at risk of being involved in, gangs.

Guns, gangs and the implication for social workers and social care professionals

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Foster care and young people on remand

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Training For Schools

Consequential Thinking (The Leader in Me)

Consequential thinking is a life skill that needs to be nurtured and encouraged. In today’s society, we must apply ‘Consequential Thinking’ to support thy development and prevent anti-social behaviour. The prevention of anti-social behaviour is a critical feature in the London Mayors Police and Crime Plan (2017 -2021), in which he committed to implementing a whole school prevention pilot which would address gangs, serious youth violence (SYV) and the context of healthy relationships; resilience and enabling young people to make healthy choices. Our Consequential Thinking, Mind Set and Acceptable Behaviour training is an essential element to the curriculum and helps to address some of the concerns raised by the London Mayor.

Mini Medics: First Aid for Children

Case Studies

Success Stories

Our work with many schools and young people have resulted in positive outcomes

School Exclusion 95%
Gang Distraction 80%
Mentoring 75%
School Attendnace 60%
Family Learning 90%

Positive Outcomes

Our work ensures young people tranistion into employment, education or training.


Our Services

Taking Positive Steps works both in the opperational and strategic spheres

Case studies

Success Stories