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I have known Claudine Duberry as a professional for over 18yrs. We first met while working for different agencies in HMP & YOI Feltham. During this time Claudine always showed fairness and integrity both with the prisoners and HMPPS staff as well as having a good multi-agency approach with all civilian staff.

More recently Claudine although having extensive social work experience decided to upskill some of her knowledge so as to better support her local community in addressing serious youth violence and child exploitation. This course was run by Crying Son’s Ltd having been commissioned by the Home Office. Claudine throughout the course showed strong active listening skills which is fundamental in any learning/intervention or advocacy role.

She has since gone on to be one of the leading persons in a Haringey community group that was formed out of this training to support those affected and disaffected by gangs and serious youth violence within the borough of Haringey.

The Late Bobby Martin

Director of Operations, Crying Sons Ltd

One of my first engagements was to attend the book launch of ‘Taking Positive Steps’. Claudine was presenting her book on guns, gangs and the implication for social workers. I was very impressed with the events of the evening, but more so with the information, passion and enthusiasm Claudine showed during her presentation.

Since her book launch, Claudine, has become that go-to person who has worked closely with, and shared her experience with the Turkish and Kurdish community. I am thrilled to have made Claudine acquaintance, and to have had the opportunity to work with such a seasoned, knowledgeable professional whose mission is to rebuild the ‘village’ and tight-knit community around the children.

Due to the commitment that has being shown by Claudine, the knowledge and support she shares to communities and young people I feel compelled enough to offer the highest form of accolade to her and wish her and her team all the best with the very challenging task they are faced with.

Cllr Ali Gul Ozbek

Former Mayor, London Borough of Haringey (2016)

Claudine is a very experienced, knowledgeable professional. Claudine is very passionate about what she does and has a serious approach, to ensure there is utmost fairness throughout the process. Claudine is a person who is committed, can be trusted and relied on. Claudine is a very valuable Associate of AFSOM.

Angela Clarke


I have had the pleasure of consulting with Claudine on a number of issues, mainly relating to crime and we share similar views on why our youth of today are becoming involved in criminal activities and how we can help.

Claudine is an excellent professional and is fully committed to her role and her vision for Taking Positive Steps, ensuring she puts in the maximum amount of effort to try to make a difference. Claudine has a wealth of experience within her field and the criminal justice system alike, and has worked with some very influential professionals, such as Mr John Coles (Head of Trident), and has gained recommendations for her work within youth and gang crime throughout London and the south east.

I would not hesitate in recommending Claudine for any future projects surrounding youth crime and the rehabilitation of our youth of today, as i know she would give nothing less than 100% commitment to the cause.

Tony Kelly

Director, Red Card Gambling Support Project Ltd

Claudine has made significant contribution to raising awareness of the incidents and effects of gang behaviour within black and ethnic minority (BME) communities, not least through her recent book ‘Guns, Gangs and the implication for social workers’ but also through spearheading the organisation Taking Positive Steps & Associates (TPS) and her direct work with the wider community.

I have known Claudine for 6 years in my capacity as headteacher and have turned to her for advice and information on many occasions to help us understand better the needs of our BME school communities and the demographics of the area we work in. She is highly respected and extremely passionate about making a difference to the lives of future generations through her work on ‘consequential thinking’. She is relentless in her endeavours and very knowledgeable in her field.

Ms P Duggal

Headteacher, Wellbourne Primay School

Taking Positive Steps has worked with UK Fostering for the past few years sharing knowledge and information relevant to the work that we do supporting young people in foster care.

As part of this relationship ‘Taking Positive Steps’ also provided training to foster carers and staff on understanding the intricacies of ‘Children in Gangs’. The expertise and quality of the training was without question with participants rating the training between 95 – 100% in their evaluation feedback.

For us Taking Positive Steps is the go-to organisation who responds very quickly to any inquiry, and as mentioned is very knowledgeable in the field of youth crime, hard to reach young people and gangs.

Tim McArdle

Head of Placement & Recruitment, UK Fostering

Claudine is a highly experienced, results orientated and professional resettlement practitioner who is focused on achieving the right and best result for her clients.

TPS which Claudine heads as CEO are providing innovative and long lasting solutions to the problem of resettlement in our local communities today and I would also recommend her services to perspective customers.

Nana Agyeman

Colleague at London school for Social Entrepreneurs.

In the always complex and sometimes dark world of remand, no one quite shines quite as brightly as Claudine.

The combination of broad front-line experience, that includes working with youth, gangs and guns under the Metropolitan Police Service’s Trident Gang Crime Command unit, and a distinguished education has produced a consummate professional; she immediately puts you at ease and you just kind of know you’re, at last, in safe hands.

As a published author, Claudine continues to develop the professional field of social work, because she cares.

A. C.

Mentor, Judge Business School, Cambridge.



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